Devilium - Pagan At War

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Devilium-Pagan At War From the title track listing alone it is relatively easy to figure out the clear cut agenda Devilium have. A presentation of furiously fast death metal with a raw edge speaking of all things related to destruction, war, brutality, and ultraviolence. That in and of itself can amount to little if the band fail to present themselves accordingly. Thankfully that is not the case with Devilium. While presenting themes that are true to form within death metal, their musical ability and ideas border on farther extremes of grindcore, as well as slower, more bass heavy riffings. The musical diversity and conglomeration of styles makes for a strong album, and the intensity and conviction of the band within the overall presentation show that they are certainly not going to stand idle. Pagan at War is a great death metal record that, while staunchingly maintaining the status quo, still presents enough sharp technicality, violence, and bloodshed to rip the jugular clean. Very good. -Jakal Blaster zine

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Label: Criminal Records | Item Code: CRIME 03 | Country: France | Year: 2001 | Genre: Death Metal

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