Desolatevoid - Self Medicated Psycho Therapy (used)

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Desolatevoid-Self Medicated Psycho Therapy (used) Lawdy, lawdy, cover your ears and protect your privates, DESOLATEVOID ain't foolin' around. That such a quality dish of battery acid and pit bull balls has been released on one of the premier crust punk and grind labels, Crimes Against Humanity, is not surprising. While "Self Medicated Psycho Therapy" is not exclusively a crust or grindcore album, bits of both genres are mixed into the putrid stew. Hell, there's enough crust covering this black-toothed sludge metal bitch to bake the world's largest apple pie. Consider an album that is anchored in a more straight ahead SOILENT GREEN, sucks the bone marrow out of EYEHATEGOD, and smokes up a little HIGH ON FIRE (the latter two both acknowledged influences). Maybe then you'll understand why this shit is too heavy for the candy asses among you.

"Self Medicated Psycho Therapy" is eight tracks that never lose the groove (though there is some dancing around it) and always give you a reason to go fuckin' nuts in the pit. The guitars of Patrick Sova (ex-ASSININE SOLUTION) and Brent K. have that SOILENT GREEN edge that brings to mind slit wrists and bone saws. Bassist and Crimes Against Humanity head honcho Nick Carroll joins drummer Tim Smith in ensuring that the rhythms remained textured and tight. (Incidentally, my only complaint is that the drum sound could stand more thud and crack).

DESOLATEVOID's secret weapon is vocalist Andy Howard, his throat rage moving from sandpaper barking to maniacal squeals. Just listen to the way Howard grabs the sludge groove of "Friend Placebo" by the balls and cues the shift to speed-kill with a blood curdling banshee wail. The guy is just sick (that's a compliment, kiddies). The tune includes a ripping guitar solo too.

Every song is a highlight and the moments of blood stained bliss are many. Let's point out a few. "Enduring the Curse" features a solo that burns flesh as a wah-wah rhythm guitar creeps along underneath. "Who Haunts Who" alternates between grinding stomp and speeding romp (and includes lots of Howard's bile-soaked freak croons). Well, shit, you should have gotten the gist by now. Prove you're not a featherweight and buy the damn thing. - Scott Alisoglu (

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Label: Crimes Against Humanity | Item Code: CAH DIS | Country: United States | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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