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Depression / Mesrine-Die Toten Tage Kommen... Sooner Than Later Hailing from Germany, Depression already has quite a bunch releases of their own, most notably some interesting split releases with bands like Agathocles or Haemorrhage... They play a very heavy and downtuned type of Death/Grind and keep things going at a steady pace, honestly more focused on groove and catchy mid-tempo rhythms than genuinely all-out speed; Still, this is pretty hard-striking and intense stuff. Depression might well be a perfect example of the "german touch", their music simultaneously reminds me of Dead (for the the ultra-downtuned guitars and catchy hooks), Gut (basic and groovy song structuring as well as weirdo squealing), Mangled Torsos (sick mood, heaviness, plus those almost liquid-sounding , gurgling growls) and finally Blood (an overall flavor). The execution is pretty tight, the song-writing is simple but adequate, the sound production is nice and thick... Sure, this isn't anything earth-shattering but definitely a very enjoyable band for me...
Mesrine Review: Sick Grind/Death from this Canadian outfit... Ferocious vocal trade-offs, guttural growls and brutal shrieks, lowtuned, grindy, dissonant riffage, pretty savage drumming... Sound is a little on the rough side, in a sort of cavernous way... But songs are sufficiently energetic to make this a nice, albeit slightly muddy ride! If I had to make a comparison, I'd say a cross between Hemdale & Dahmer. Overall, a solid split release. - Braindead

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Label: 2+2=5 | Item Code: DEP/MES | Country: Germany / Canada | Year: 2004 | Genre: Grind

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