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Den Saakaldte-Ol, Morke og Depresjon It was a depressive and drunken night when Den Saakaldte was born. Alkohol made things clear. Den Saakaldte was born back in May of 2006 under the candlelight and the light of the 5th fullmoon. The project started as an one man band by Sykelig. It's only purpose? ...Of course to be the way for expressing the paranoia, depression and alkohol influenced thoughts of the individual through the kvlt known as Black Metal. Sykelig recorded the first two songs in Hellas and after that relocated once and for good to Norway. There after experiencing weird situations and after having interesting new points of view, Den Saakaldte mixed the re-recorded songs that were included in the "Øl, Mørke og Depresjon" CD that was released by the Italian label Eerie Art Records on March of 2008 by having in the ranks Jormungand, member of Dødheimsgard that joined the band as a keyboard and effects member , S.Winter (Aeternus, Gehenna) behind the drums and as latest changes in Den Saakaldte, the additions of the insane individual Niklas Kvarforth (also in Shining) who took over the vocals part as Sykelig got tired being a front man figure on stage and wanting to concentrate on his guitar exclusively and Seidemann (also in 1349 & Pantheon I) as the bass player.

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Label: Eerie Art | Item Code: Various | Country: Norway | Year: 2008 | Genre: Black Metal

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