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Deiphago-Filipino Antichrist - digipak *CD (digipak)*: deluxe 10-panel fold-out digipak w/ metallic gold print & alternate layout/artwork from jewel case CD (limited one time pressing) The ultimate annihilation in audio torture is now at hand! In this time of over-saturated bestial metal, Deiphago blaze their own barbaric trail of Satanic Metal with the most punishing, primitive & bestial attack of 2009!! With a background of demo tapes throughout the 90's & their debut full-length endorsed by the Ross Bay Cult, the Filipino Antichrist's succeed in making this hi-speed attack even more rewarding than before. No wannabe Fallen Angel Of Doom, no wannabe The Oath Of Black Blood, no Angelcunt or even War Cult Supremacy. Just pure uncompromising, unconventional violence: this is bestiality. Deiphago are the true beasts. Fuck off to the false!!

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Label: Hells Headbangers | Item Code: Various | Country: Philipinnes | Year: 2010 | Genre: Black Metal

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