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Deinonychus-Warfare Machines (used) Roel F.: With 'Warfare Machines', the Dutch Deinonychus has released a new record with sometimes upbeat doom metal that once in a while speeds up to blast beat death metal pace. It is depressive and impressive music concerning war, something that becomes apparent with titles such as 'Carpet Bombing, 'MG-34,' and 'Nerve Agent.'

The vocals come from a tormented soul, full of anguish, which is nicely conveyed through the long wails once in a while. The delivery is somewhat similar to death metal growls, only with more twisted emotions. Normally, this brand of metal seems boring, but Deinonychus knows how to keep it interesting, because there is plenty of diversity, whereby faster structures are interchanged with typical and good, sweeping doom, delivered through a heavy guitar sound. As said, it sounds quite up-beat at times but also reserved (i.e. not quite in your face or overtly brutal) and the music could be carefully typified as doom rock at some points.

'Warfare Machines' sounds really mature and well-balanced, and therefore comes recommended. Simply said, Deinonychus keeps up the good work. (Lords of Metal)

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Label: My Kingdom Music | Item Code: Various | Country: Holland | Year: 2007 | Genre: Doom Metal

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