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Defeated Sanity-Psalms of the Moribund Brutal death metal, even the technical variety, quite often runs into each other. The trick, then, for a good brutal death metal band is either to throw a wrench into the system from time to time (like Corphagy, Atheretic, and Dripping), to write infectious riffs (Brodequin, Devourment), or just to be REALLY FUCKING GOOD (Suffocation, Odious Mortem, etc.). But more often than not, bands go for a textbook approach that- while solid- leaves you wanting something more.

Defeated Sanity plays textbook technical brutal death metal. The vocal approach is a generic guttural grunt that Teufel Tomb's readers are all too familiar with. The riffs are tight, yet rhythmic and formulaic, sounding like a sledge hammer ripping through a wall and smashing down on some poor bimbo's head on the other side. They even have a stop-go feel of chunkiness in some areas not unlike legendary goregrind fanatics Intense Hammer Rage.

But Psalms of the Moribund has something else going for it. Something that raises it above the textbook pack. That something is very simple: this is shitting music. This is the soundtrack to a heavy, hard, ass-hair ripping, noxious, chunky-as-a-mother-fucker bowel movement ripped straight from the Hell colon of a Mexican buffet holocaust. And I mean this in an entirely good way, too. It's a compliment. You will fucking shit to this album, and you will enjoy every sphincter-searing, anus-tearing second of it. Think about it: you bring in books to read on the shitter. Sometimes you might even do work on the shitter. But how often can you find a piece of music that makes you enjoy and look forward to the daily bodily function that is deploying a top-heavy log of fecal carpet bombing upon the fragile, microscopic ecosystem of toilet water? Rejoice, boys and girls, for Defeated Sanity has delivered this messiah of a new musical age. Psalms of the Moribund is written in such a way that only its riffs can truly give justice to creating the musical accompaniment of the world's ultimate life-affirming shit. And yes, Gracie, there is such a thing as a life-affirming shit.

Defeated Sanity may not be re-inventing the wheel. They may not be the greatest brutal death metal act. But I'll be damned if I don't get a kick out of this while shitting a bucket full of the greasiest diarrhea-inducing fried chicken know to man. Buy this shit, and shit in utter brutality upon your porcelain throne! -Teufel's Tomb

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Label: Grindethic Records | Item Code: BEER 013 | Country: Germany | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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