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Deathcon-Zerohuman The highly promising Bergen-based semi-industrial death metal band DEATHCON, whose members draw considerable experience from for instance Helheim, Aeternus, Cult Of Catharsis, Amok and 2nd Awakening, has produced a fine promo-CD, entitled "Zerohuman", with five strong songs, a recording that, despite it's "home-made" and lowbudget origin (not all too obvious, the sound is good here), almost manages to capture and re-create the ferocious intensity that this four-headed troll unleashed onstage has become well-noticed for... With this new vehicle for potential future world domination, it is not impossible that these guys may come to exceed everything they have ever done before...

From the insisting opening blasts of track 1, mercilessly named "Waste Of Life" and featuring impressive vocal-acrobatics from excellent bass-playing frontman V'gandr, switching occasionally between death- and black metal style, and with guitarwork akin to Slayer and Deicide, and throughout 'til the end, this is a CD that demands your full attention...

"City Without Soul" is a stand-out song "live" that doesn't necessarily come through quite as good on CD, but it is a damn fine song that, with it's staccato bursts of franticly paced drums coupled with grinding and chopping guitarsounds, reminds me of Ministry's "Thieves"...

"Dillutions Of Grandeur" (Or shouldn't that be "Delusions"? Well, nevermind..) is an epic song with a dreamlike atmosphere, featuring remarkably good drumming and guitar-playing; it is one of the best numbers "live", but on CD this track is absolutely a masterpiece. Monumental. Spooky and haunting vocals, frontman V'gandr truly shines here. One of the best metal songs I've heard for years...

"The Meaning Of Nothing" is more like Slayer again, more uptempo, and "An Eye For The I", a clever title, constitutes an energetic finale to this limited edition promo-CD and leaves the impression that the doors to greatness should be slammed wide open for these warriors of the apocalyptic wastelands. This is death metal of the finest calibre. Lend them your ears... - Richard Saure

On dark blue/black splattered vynil!

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Label: Perverted Taste | Item Code: PT 095 | Country: Norway | Year: 2004 | Genre: Death Metal

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