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Deadman-Spirito di Pietra Deadman was born in Turin in 1979. But his true birth, the artistic and spiritual one, took place in 1995 when theater, literature and music begin to resonate within him with progressive and exponential vibrations/wavings, becoming lifeblood. The first immature attempts were made with the music, when he joined the Turin black metal band Adversam as a guitarist. The experience lasted about two years during which Deadman comes into contact with the dark black metal universe, and he begun to develop its own compositional technique which draws without neither limits nor limitations from the secular history of music. In 1997 he left Adversam to explore other musical fields, from psychedelic rock to grunge, from classical to jazz. During this period of intense experimentation he also played the drums, the bass and sang. This until 2000, when he started to devote himself totally to theater and literature and left the music for 8 years... He culminated this long period of study, marked by mute melodies and absence of sound, with the publication of a book, a collection of stories entitled "From a street corner" ("Da un angolo di Strada" - The Wire Publisher), -and making a play for the Academy Filodrammatica of Milan, titled "Horror of an invented being." (Orrore di un essere inventato). In 2008 he returned to music. First materialized as Obsend, a technical-death metal project of which he is founder and composer, and then continued until the most experimental and mystical Deadman project found a place in the homonymous one-man-band. "Spirit of Stone" is simply the result of a constant emptying/draining, a progressive loss of a condition beyond the man and his own size. A powerful and ambience black metal, sometimes apocalyptic purely experimental, with post-rock, industrial, and psychedelic finishing generating Orwellian visions where melodies echoed stuffed with a continuous lifetime-long research, accompanied by the mystique of the Shakespearean sonnets and Pound's dizzy verses.

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Label: Dusktone | Item Code: Various | Country: Italy | Year: 2011 | Genre: Black Metal

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