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Deadbird-The Head and the Heart The concept of Neurosis inspired sludge bands isn't strange. In fact, the 21st century has seen an influx of bands who mould their music around the ideas that Neurosis have laid down, despite being an evolutionary band who change with each record they produce. Neurosis are considered pioneers of this sub-genre and even so, like many of the modern day black metal bands, for example, they do take influence from the early second wave material, but they put their own unique spin on proceedings. Its one thing being able to clone a style, but its another concept altogether being able to take influence from that style and twisting it into a new shape that remains unheard of until this point in existence. I don't considering Deadbird to be revolutionary, but I consider them to be intricate in the way they shape their music and unfold it. Bands like Deadbird seek to take influence from bands like Isis and Neurosis in terms of conjuring atmospherically diverse records and spraying their own emotions over the top like a nice new coating of glossy paint. There are those who have become tired of the uninspired masses who produce similar records to Neurosis, right down to the T. In fact, a number of metal fans steer clear of this particular genre due to the fact that it consists of too many 'clones'. Perhaps its just my current aggressive mood that is suited to the projections Deadbird set about portraying, but I like it.

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Label: Earache | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Doom Metal

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