Daymares - Can't Get Us All (used)

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Daymares-Can't Get Us All (used) Daymares hail from Poland. Yes, that Poland. Prior to this release, the band had nothing more than a roughly mixed demo, which mixed 90's metallic hardcore with brooding metal. And here's why you should take notice…

Can't Get Us All is the band's debut full-length. Comprised of eleven songs, three of which are re-recorded from their demo, Can't Get Us All is an excellent mix of the intensity of Integrity and Damnation A.D., the grittiness of Tragedy, and the thundering metal of Neurosis and High on Fire. Some of the songs delve more into hardcore - "Suicide Watch" and "Key Witness" - while others definitely have a more metal flair - "Falling Down" and "I Shit You Not." The album concludes with "iContact," an eight-minute epic metal venture that'll have you banging your head for every minute.

Daymares is a fairly young band, and even though they call Poland home and may never actually touch American soil, they are a band deserving of recognition. Can't Get Us All is an album for anyone sick of spinning the same records over and over and looking for something new.

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Label: Self Made God | Item Code: Various | Country: Poland | Year: 2009 | Genre: Heavy Metal

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