Dave Slave's Doomed and Disgusting - Satan's Nightmare

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Dave Slave's Doomed and Disgusting-Satan's Nightmare
Well I don't think I need to introduce Dave Slave further the saying that was the bass player in the Australian Cult act Sadistik Exekution. But with that statement I'm not describing the music of Doomed and Disgusting. Sadistik Exekution was a crazy blend of Thrash and Death Metal, now Doomed and Disgusting can best be described by the name.

The music is slow and very Doom, sprinkled with b-horror movies influences. Laced with organs, strange noises and evil sounding keyboards (I generally don't like keyboards but when used in the right way it can be most effective). The disgusting part of the music is Dave's vocals, very sikk and disturbing, ranging from spoken dark stuff to crazy mental asylum screams from the bottom of insanity. The songs are hard to distinguish, they are meant to be played as one, no track relay stands out, but as a unity they are all above average Metal. Dave Slave accomplice something that not many musicians can, he paints a vision in the listeners head, a dark painting of old castles, madness and extreme horror.

Now we all know that Dave Slave is a complete and utter madman, and the only thing that can rival his madness is probably his talent. This is a great record if you got the stomach for it. This is not for every one. - Minacious.net

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Label: Battlegod | Item Code: Various | Country: Australia | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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