Darkthrone - Hate Them CD Review

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2005-09-04 : DAVE DEATH
Another great album from Norway's darkest sons. Starts of with a totally fucking necro riff, then some strained rasping vocals from Nocturno which mutate the song to speed up- excellent so far. The second song- "Det Svarter na" is the best on the album in my opinion. A mid paced stomper which even the most battle weary of Black metallers should enjoy.The rest of the album stays on the same level all the way through. All in all, this is an album which should be admitted into the analls of the great '90's era Black Metal. Absolutely essential. 9/10!
2003-03-20 : Randy
Hatethem is Darkthrone's latest album and it's killer. It amazing it only took them a short time to record this album.
That's how they did things early on in their career. H.T. sounds a lot like their earlier albums, in my opinion. Darkthrone are one of the few BM bands that still retain their original sound and style. Another masterpiece by the Norwegian duo.