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Darkseed-Astral Adventures With CD number four, these Germans have continued with the electronic experiments begun on 1999's Give Me Light. Heavy guitar, electronics, depressing, Gothic tinged lyrics, and an atmosphere of darkness swirl around on Diving into Darkness. Stefan Hertrich's vocals alternate between clean and Death, but he predominantly concentrates on his clean style. As a whole, the vocals are excellent and are easily a highlight of the disc. The whole feel and vibe of the CD is similar to what Moonspell is doing on The Butterfly Effect; however, I feel Darkseed has produced a far superior CD. The Metal elements definitely come through on Diving into Darkness, whereas, these days, Moonspell tends to sound somewhat heavy but decidedly un-Metal. Darkseed is able to incorporate outside elements while retaining a biting edge. That isn't to say the band doesn't show any variety. With track five, "Autumn," Darkseed shows a slow, less aggressive side. In fact, all the tracks show a variety of tempos and emotions, never being totally soft or entirely heavy. The first three tracks really show what this band is capable of. The rest of the disc doesn't quite live up to the high expectations the opening tracks raise, but the disc remains quite strong throughout; however, Darkseed manages to finish off Diving into Darkness with the awesome "Many Wills." If Darkseed could have sustained the charisma and magic it captured on the early tracks, Diving into Darkness would be one of the first "must have" CDs of the year. As it stands, the disc contains four awesome tracks and seven good ones, which is way more than a lot of bands can claim.

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Label: Massacre | Item Code: MASS 367 | Country: Germany | Year: 2003 | Genre: Gothic Metal

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