Dark Fortress - Tales From Eternal Dusk

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Dark Fortress-Tales From Eternal Dusk
Dark Fortress creates their own style of Black/Death metal , that perhaps can be described as a mixture linking bands like Dissection , Unanimated , Dark Funeral , and Satyricon. Lyrically it is imperative for the band to articulate the same emotions as in the music. Dark Fortress requests: "Join us and worship our beloved tales of death throughout the eternal dusk!"

The past of Dark Fortress started in 1994, by Asvargr (Guitar) after his former band Carnage split up. Having written a a small amount of riffs for Dark Fortress, Asvargr was joined by Azathoth (Vocals) and by 1995 songs were completed that sounded parallel to old Satyricon. In the same year the line-up was completed when Charon (Drums) and Njord (Bass) united with the band. One year later their debut demo tape "Rebirth Of The Dark Age" was recorded and all 250 copies were sold. In 1997 Crom (Guitars) and Thamuz (Keyboards) joined the band. The music then became more melodic, as the band started to make use of the melodies obtained by two guitar players. The first concert was held in February 1997 together with Path Of Debris, Crack Up and Blackend. More concerts followed in that year, with bands like Desaster, Lunar Aurora, Nagelfar and others. In October 1997, three songs were recorded. Two of these were used on a split mini CD shared with Barad Dür. The other song used solely for the compilation CD "From the Mystic Forest-Part II." In August 1998 Njord and Thamuz left the band because of musical differences and was replaced by Zoltan (Bass) and Paymon (Keyboards) only one month later. These members came straight from their own band Nebulah Horde to join Dark Fortress. The band came to an agreement with the Austrian label CCP Records to release the first studio album "Tales From Eternal Dusk" in November 1998. Three days before the scheduled studio date the deal fell through. The band used the additional time to further refine the songs for the debut album. In June 2000 Zoltan left the band, because he started a new band, called Cremation, which played Death Metal in the American style. Finally in August 2000 the debut album "Tales From Eternal Dusk" was recorded in the Klangschmiede Studio E by Marcus Stock (Empyrium), on which Crom played bass in addition to guitar. New bass player T.Killer joined shortly before the studio date. The musical style on "Tales…" can be described as a crossbreed of many styles, first and foremost Black-Death Metal. It's roughly analogous to a mix of Dissection, Unanimated, At The Gates and Satyricon. In November 2000, Crom left the band because of personal differences with Azathoth. Some weeks later Charon left the band too, because he wanted to play a different style of music. Seraph (Drums) and Santura (Guitars) decided to join the band in January 2001. Some weeks later the band signed a deal with the American label Red Stream for two albums. The band is now working on songs for their second album, which will be a concept album, entitled "Profane Genocidal Creations", and which will be recorded in the beginning of the year 2002.

The fact of properly choosed bands for following releases on Red Stream is
the main reason I really appreaciate what the label do and how they do they
work. German Dark Fortress is a brand new Black Metal horde in red Stream's
files: skilled, mystic, intense and head crushing Black Metal. Above all I
have to start describe this alb from its cover - designed by Kris Verwimp -
which really kills with its dark mystic aura. Also its back cover is one of
greatest I have ever seen... I think so good picture of Death I have already
seen just by ocasion of Sarcofago's "Rotting" where death kisses Christ...
Music of Dark Fortress is very dark but also mystic with majestatic melodies
and guitar riffs and solos which all together are building aura of most
sombre night's dreams influenced by wildest and in the same time most
attracting desires. In one word this is masterly plaied so called
Atmospheric Black metal with right dose of brutal paces and the same one
with regards to slower a bit melodic but dark and obscure parts. I like this
stuff very much and suggest it to all fans of extremist and blackest metal
art! - Agonia Magazine

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Label: Red Stream | Item Code: RSR-0147 | Country: Germany | Year: 2001 | Genre: Black Metal

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