Dark Disciple - Unholy Hate Gore CD Review

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2005-12-21 : Crowley : Link
Coming at you straight on with a menacing riff that stalks you immediately and is strangled through by a hammering ride, swinging down like a relentless Witchhammer, Dark Disciple waste no time displaying their own brand of crushing death! Track by viscious track they pound you into nothingness. Filled with refresing riffs that grab your ear, and don't let go! The Dark Disciplers inject old-school Hell ala (old) Death as in the skull-crusher on track #5. They continue the assault with machine gunnery parts that pepper the songs throughout! The man wielding the sticks and feet-cannon batters through each and every tune with precision and mayhem! Rounding out the strickt force is a prominent bass and the Benton-esquire vokills coating the songs with ferocity and hatred while evil harmonies sing!
Dark Disciple are definitely a band to look out for! Every Dark Disciple track will send you reeling into oblivion...HEAVY!!! A solid seismic-blast on the metal Richter-scale!!

Marc "The Engine" Arredondo (The Metal Vault)