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Daemon-The Second Coming Seven Deadly Sins_ did seem to have its five minutes of novelty fame and then, at least for me, sink without a trace. It surprised me that a second Daemon album appeared at all, so imagine my shock when I found that I really liked it, too. _The Second Coming_ still reeks of old Entombed (Nicke Andersson's departure has not altered this), but not only is there more depth to the Entombed-a-like songs, many songs also draw on somewhat different influences. As a result, _TSC_ doesn't sound like an inferior Entombed album, a syndrome which _SDS_ suffered badly from. It probably helps that Daemon are now, at least to me, a better listen than Entombed with their current output. Unfortunately, "My Kingdom Is a Sacred Place", with its attempts at soft/loud dynamics, doesn't really work, and the record clocks in at just under half an hour, if you exclude the "Symptom of the Universe" cover, so it is far from a perfect purchase. Additionally, if you are looking for _Clandestine_-esque material, you'd do better to investigate A Canorous Quintet, Impious or others of Sweden's new breed. However, if the longing for "new" old (as in mid-period) Entombed is already suffocating you, _The Second Coming_ is one of your best options and it's a damn rocking album in its own right to boot.

-Chronicles of Chaos

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Label: Die Hard | Item Code: CD 10828 | Country: Denmark | Year: 1999 | Genre: Death Metal

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