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CYCLONE was one of the first TRASH METAL bands along with ANTHRAX, SLAYER and METALLICA-they toured with all of them.
BRUTAL DESTRUCTION is a true TRASH album, a gem for any early trash fan.The production would be along the line of EXODUS's bounded by blood or SLAYER's HELL AWAITS.
The music is inspired by DIAMOND HEAD and other SPEED METAL bands plus that special fresh smell of new genre-Trash was new at the time...
When CYCLONE-and this is typical of the Belgian metal scene-released their second album, too much time had been wasted and hundreds of bands were then producing that type of music...the novelty and the freshness but also the original Line up and the agressivity was lost.
BRUTAL DESTRUCTION remains the only true legacy of one of the most innovative metal/trash bands, of course if you buy it now don't expect a super production or something that hasn't been done by hundreds of bands since then, but expect the genesis and the rawness of a new brutal style in all its glory!

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Label: Roadrunner Records | Item Code: RR 49687 | Country: Belgium | Year: 1986 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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