Creation is Crucifixion - Splits Discography (used)

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Creation is Crucifixion-Splits Discography (used) rerecorded tracks from the vinyl splits. contains the songs from their split 7"s with Unruh, fate of icarus, and suicide nation. Completely rerecorded and packaged in a clam shell. These are 3 of their best songs for sure.

Creation is Crucifixion was formed in early 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA. The goal of this grouping was to combine the experiments being conducted by the Carbon Defense League tactical media arts group with current Critical Theory analysis. The result being a maximum interdisciplinary experience through a revived cyberpunk-esque mechanism that was seen as lacking in the punk/hardcore scene at the time. The original lineup, while completing noise projects and experimentations alongside more structured sounds, began working with the highly respected King of the Monsters Records(Man is the Bastard, The Locust, Reversal of Man, Puritan, Suicide Nation, Prevail,...) from Phoenix, AZ. It was on this label that CIC released their first 7" "Dethrone or Devour." Recording was sloppy, but the fire was lit. Creation is Crucifixion had put a stake in the ground claiming allegiance to a new breed of techno theory / noise/ metal / media activism.

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Label: Willowtip | Item Code: WT 006 | Country: USA | Year: 2002 | Genre: ExperiMETAL

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