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Craft-Fuck the Universe I knew totally nothing about this Swedish band arisen from the dark underground. I always like to stand out from reviews or stuff before hearing a band, so this way I´m able to be absolutely free of unnecessary influences writing my words. Therefore I didn´t read a single word on this band´s other releases before putting down these lines. When "Fuck The Universe" fell on my hands all I´d heard about them was the style featured, black metal. However, I fancied something near Marduk or Dark Funeral, or even the chaotic aggression of bands like Axis Of Advance. Reality unveiled for my ignorant eyes and, far from expected, Craft play a kind of black metal very concentrated upon mid tempos with some raids in slow paces and faster passages. Mayhem is the main influence but other Nordic bands could also be quoted as references. Craft manage to create very good songs, where the rhythm is mesmerizing along with the dark apocalyptic touch. The band shifts from pace to pace easily with a sensitive and skilled songwriting, tempo changes are wisely managed, so the tracks are excellent in their construction. Take for example "The Suffering Of Others", three minutes and a half of pure hate and darkness, a couple of verses, two clearly different parts equally inspired; speed turns into a pounding rhythm. Great! No blastbeats here, nor they´re necessary. This album features some of the most killer mid tempos I´ve heard in a long time. Lyrics are sometimes rather hatred statements (with symbols mixed with words) than verses as we know them. For throughout the whole album the listener can breathe a strong essence of misanthropy and perfectly reflected in songs as "Xenophobia" (wielding a diatribe of scorn against the whole human race) or the title track "Fuck The Universe". The sound? Quite strong and flawless, with the ideal degree of mixture between distortion and clarity. All in all, this is an astounding CD from a groundbreaking band, and nothing else to say!

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Label: Southern Lord | Item Code: SUNN 54 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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