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Corpse Grinder-Persistence Death Metal Band formed since 1987, but the line up was estabirized in 1990 with: Júnior (Guitar/Vocal), Rômulo (Drums) and Flávio (Bass), in this manner the Corpse Grinder record the demo tapes "Necropsy" (1990), "Peace?" (1991), "Sick Entrails of Humanity" (1992), "Corpse Grinder" (1994) and a compilation CD called "Death or Glory II"(1996), where participate with 4 songs. After the records of "Death or Glory II", the Corpse Grinder turn a quartet with the entrance of the lead guitar Humberto and in January/1998, the Band record your fifth Demo Tape called "Necrorealism". After the records of Necrorealism, the drummer Rômulo leave the band and to your place is called the drummer Evandro in this manner in January/1999, the Corpse Grinder record a live demo tape, called "Live Tape 99". In May/1999, the Drummer Rômulo return to the Band, what return to work in new stuff and in June/2000 the Corpse Grinder go to studio, to record your debut CD "Persistence" , a casting made by the label Destroyer Records in January/2001. The debut CD Persistence have 8 songs of pure traditional Death Metal, a style what the Corpse Grinder is forever faithful, independent of the style what is making more success or is dominating the underground scene around the world. In this manner the Corpse Grinder follow in the fight with your Persistence in the name of Death Metal ! "Brazilian Mayhemic Legions" compilation with 13 Brazilian death metal bands. With: Headhunter D.C., Krisiun, Queiron and Corpse Grinder.

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Label: Destroyer | Item Code: ARM 008 | Country: Brazil | Year: 2000 | Genre: Death Metal

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