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Core of the Earth-Curtains If Reviewed by John Pegoraro ( Self Released Available Now Let's talk about truth in advertising, in particular press sheets for rock bands. Some reviewers won't read them, just to make sure the glowing praise doesn't creep into the review. Not me. I love 'em, mostly because they're written by people too eager to sell the band, and they overplay their hand with descriptions best described as "laughable." Bottom line, if it looks like horseshit and stinks like horseshit, then it must be horseshit. For the Colorado three-piece Core of the Earth, the statement "HEAVY is the best adjective to use…" is 100% true. They are heavy. Heavy as fuck. Somewhat metal, somewhat doom, and very Melvins heavy as fuck, to be exact. That band's influence isn't as apparent on the first track, but once "Chain" lumbers up, you're definitely in Stoner Witch territory. It's not a bad place to be, even if the sound is familiar. Besides, it's all in the execution, something that Core of the Earth do well. "Cadaver Dog," the fourth track, starts off as a rumble, then pulls back into YOB/Electric Wizard territory before a final ten second freak out. "Crom," with its tribal drumming and pummeling guitar, is another excellent track. It's as quick and as intense as a beating. The majority of the other songs have a slower crunch, sounding like a sort of doom-boogie (the other exception being the latter half of "Ripshine"). Bottom line, Loadstone is the album the Melvins never released. While that may not make Core of the Earth the most unique band out there, it doesn't take away from their're looking for "home-grown sonic thunder-crushing crust rock," then check out Core of the Earth.

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Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2007 | Genre: Rock

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