Coldwar - Bloodfire Sunset

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Coldwar-Bloodfire Sunset Coldwar - Bloodfire Sunset
(Power Play magazine)
Coldwar has a fair few releases and since their earlier hardcore influenced songs,the band has slowly transformed into the metal realm.The death metal coldwar play is dirty,thick and groove infused.'Death of Birth' starts angrily with deep vocals and riffing blended with a groovy rhythm.The structure is continued into 'Furnace' once it's blast start ends and the sludgy riff kicks in.The song offers some interesing guitar solo's and hooks that veer the song off into a great catchy realm.'We Are Murder' feels like doom metal due to the deliberately slow pace of the chunky riff,but is quickly overtaken by the bass drum work,making the guitar decide to play catch up with a thick impenetrable riff that reminds of Bolt Thrower.

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Label: Underground Movement | Item Code: Various | Country: Ireland | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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