Cleaver - When There's No More Room In Hell

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Cleaver-When There's No More Room In Hell Cleaver first spawned when members of Norwegian death metal band, Chton, guitarist Øyvind, with his love for puritanical steel, and drummer Espen with his allegiance to darkness, decided to join forces into a true old school metal act. With Øyvinds relentless productivity they soon saw the need bring about more accomplices. They summoned singer Ola, who, with his demonic talents, was the perfect fit for the band as if a result of a black magickal working. Of course, a friend of the Devil is a friend of Cleaver, so obvious choices for the remaining grades in this spiteful cult was a man with a murderous passion for extreme metal, guitarist Andreas, and bassplayer Christer, who had already a long time been well known in the realms of Hell. Through the stifling summer of 2009 their first album was recorded in throatslitter Olas personal torture chamber. With «When there is no more in Hell...» their first ritual was complete, the curse unleashed with full force, and destined to continue to infest the living. As prophecized now Hell is running over and Cleaver is here to do the Devils work!

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Label: Dead Center | Item Code: Various | Country: Norway | Genre: Thrash Metal

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