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Cikuta-The Golden Root Era Technically this Moscow based threesome balances on the thin edge created by their vision on heavy music, that lies between two sometimes absolutely valent genres of post-metal and crust punk. There are some individuals for sure that will go ape shit right after reading the previous sentence, yeah... yeah... we all know that similar blends of genres has already been practiced by some bands before, some were successful some unfortunately not. BUT! You do not have to reinvent the wheel to make your music sound extremely catchy, brutal, thought over and professionally built. Here you have exactly this case.
Cikuta with their debut album slams the door of the Russian and European underground open to make their own statement, to get their own honorary place about the's hard to deny that (Cikuta) debut album The Golden Root Era is a pure venom, not these old-school hard-boiled metal-heads, but a substance that will get inside your brain and body to fill it with thoughts of anger, despair, desolation, empty landscapes and nature fading away, it will give you a glimpse on faraway hope only to crush it down in a moment with the streams of bile up in your veins

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Label: Self-released | Item Code: Various | Country: Russia | Genre: Post Black Metal

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