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Chthonic-9th Empyrean ChthoniC consists of five members, Freddy, Doris, A-Jay, Jesse, and Vivien. This group has been categorized as black metal. In Japan, BURRN Magazine refers to this band as symphonic black metal. Besides the relentless death vocals, deep drum and bass, electric guitars and keyboards, the addition of Er-hu (Taiwanese violin) to all these rhythm made this band especially unique and extraordinary.

Since late 1995, ChthoniC's lyrical style focused mainly on the primitive Taiwanese culture. In May of 1998, ChthoniC published their first single "Across the Sea Chapter two: Deep Rising" and began their first nationwide tour of fifteen major cities in Taiwan. In December of the same year, their first album "Where Ancestors' Souls Gathered" was released. In the album, the three "Aross the Sea" series are based on the stories of Han ancestors' search for a brighter future in Taiwan, the promised land. This is ChthoniC's early idea and spirit. This album received a good review from a world renowned rock n' roll magazine, BURRN.

Later, ChthoniC makes use of Taiwanese pride and conceptual creativity as two of their main themes to develop even more epic material. Therefore, ChthoniC used the first album "Mother Isle Disintegrated, Aboriginal Gods Enthroned" as the base for their second debut "9th Empyrean". The album described the struggle and conflict between the Hans and the aborigines. The story continued with 8 war mythologies. This became their first major album that combines the spirits of both the aborigines and the Hans.

In the same year, ChthoniC has the honor to perform in the world famous Fuji Rock Festival and officially started their Ghost Moon Asia Tour. From Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, to Taiwan, everywhere the band went they received fervent welcome from their fans. Consequently, ChthoniC have successfully made their first leap into the world stage. The group celebrated their five year anniversary and hosted a concert in Hong Kong in 2001.

Early 2002, a well established US record label, Nightfall Records (primary sponsor of Milwaukee Metal Festival) made an international publish of ChthoniC's "9th Empyrean" album in English version. In the mean time, the band produced their third album "Relentless Recurrence" in Borsing Recording Studio (Illdisposed, Hatesphere) Demark. This third album is based on old Taiwanese horror folklore "Na-Tao Ji" as blue print, and formed a poetic yet melancholic creation. The entire album is in Taiwanese, and it's scheduled to be released on March 29th, 2002. ChthoniC will be participating in Metal Meltdown Festival in United States in April alongside Dark Funeral, Exodus, Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy and other well known metal groups.

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Label: Nightfall | Item Code: NFTR 010 | Country: Taiwan | Year: 2002 | Genre: Black Metal

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