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Choronzon-Magog Agog At first I thought I was dealing with a one man black metal band from the Netherlands that has released a split demo "Aiwass" with Ostracised. But it appears that this Choronzon is not from Holland, though there are some striking similarities between both Choronzons. The Choronzon of the "Magog Agog" album is a solo project of P. Emerson Williams (on some tracks he is assisted by Jake Stevens on guitar). It's a Nocturnal Art release we have here, so quality and originality are almost guaranteed. And indeed, this is definitely not an average release. Choronzon spits forth some really weird stuff. I would describe it as a mixture of Korova, Fleurety, Mysticum and some Tartaros (! - mr Williams wouldn't by any chance be the same person as mr Grimlock, now, would he?) and to be frankly honest it took me more than one listening session before I was able to fathom the tracks that are featured. But now I am used to them, I find them really enjoyable an innovative. The songs are quite diverse and apart from black metal they contain some thrash and heavy metal influences. Blasting and mega-intense black metal fragments are alternated by weird slow parts. Lots of strange hypnotising melodies in both the fast and the slow parts and the eerie vocals are interesting as well. According to the info the songs are largely inspired by the use of narcotics and when I listen to the music this makes sense - most songs contain rather psychedelic parts. Like I mentioned, quite weird stuff, this release. Nine agonising tracks are featured on "Magog Agog" (including an intro and a small instrumental track) and the album takes up more than an hour of your (well spent) time. My personal favourite is the track "Crimson Awakening", in which the vocals are varied in a thrilling way and the drum computer patterns make the track even more interesting.

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Label: Nocturnal Art | Item Code: ECLIPSE 009 | Country: United States | Year: 1998 | Genre: Black Metal

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