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Cerberus-Klagelieder - Grabesgesang Three years ago i received the debut album from Cerberus. Now these German guys have released their newest material. This time the title is "Klagelieder Grabesgesang" and the band included eight tracks and almost forty five minutes of pure black metal.

The thing that makes Cerberus different form other bands that play black metal is the fact that they have expanded their music direction. Definitely their base is black metal but they have included elements from thrash metal and doom metal.

Also Beleth, the singer, chose to sing with more death metal elements and some other times with completely black metal style. Generally the new album from Cerberus has many interesting facets because you never know what to expect from song to song.

Their compositions are well developed, with many interesting ideas. Also the production is very good for a black metal release, with aggressive and raw sound. If you like black metal you should give the new album from Cerberus a spin.
8,2 / 10 points

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Label: Schwarzdorn | Item Code: SD 28 | Country: Germany | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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