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Catharsis-Dea Metal from Russia. For many this means hefty Death Metal or icy Black Metal. That there also are more melodic and intricate bands in the wide plains and mountain ranges of the east is not commonly known (or some bands that represent this direction do not really give the listener the inner urge to seek out more, I don't want to put down any names here...)

But that there indeed IS hope is proved by CATHARSIS with their first complete album via Turkish label Hammer Müzik, titled "Dea". Compared to the previous release "Febris Erotica" they have taken a step back from the purely traditional Metal and have used the outstanding track of that EP, "Taedium Vitae", as template for this album, roaming the room between Power Metal and classical music, which sets the Russians nicely apart from the plethora of similar sounding Power Metal-bands.

My main point of criticism of the "debut", the a little strained and despite not bad-sounding, a bit limited vocals, apparently has reached the band, because with Oleg Zhilyakov a new gentleman is manning the micro and this change absolutely was for the better, with a clear and powerful voice he manages to give the songs also the vocal expression that they deserve.

Already the opener "Igni Et Ferro" ("Fire And Iron") shows us what the Russians are into, heavily classical-influenced, a little progressive, with nice guitar-runs, measured keyboards and good vocals, these folks really do not need to hide behind their Western colleagues! The following "A Trip Into Elysium" comes completely instrumental, very classical, with a great lead-guitar of Anthony Arikh, I like very much what the guys (and lady) have created here!

And the rest also comes over as a mix of these two "extremes", here very classical, then metallic, or a mix, everything between good and very good, flawlessly played, well arranged, with one of the best vocalists I have encountered from Russia so gar (he of course does not reach ARIA's Valeri Kipelov), a video for "Igni Et Ferro" as bonus and a really great cover-artwork by guitarist Igor "Jeff" Polyakov, thumbs up, this one is good, really good!

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Label: Hammer | Item Code: HM 019 | Country: Russia | Year: 2003 | Genre: Metal

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