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Catafalc / Nihilstikrypt-Catakrypt Brutality is the second name of this devastating band. Their music is pure raw brutal death metal with some thrash influences in some of the riffs. The ultimate goal of Catafalc´s music is to devastate the listener with fast riffs and incredible double bass drumming. Manic solos are all over the place on this recording and extreme guttural vocals are another of the trademarks here. There are parts like in track "Small World" where the drumming is almost impossible to believe because of its speed (even if a tempo change soon takes this to a more mid paced rhythm). Talking about mid paced rhythms, here we have some of them in order to add heaviness to the music. the sound is raw and really in your face making things even more bestial. Brutality unleashed over the masses.

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Label: Stuka Sound | Item Code: Various | Country: Estonia | Year: 2007 | Genre: Death Metal

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