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Carrion Crawler-Rot Crumble Collapse NeoZine September 2005:
This is some of the best grind-core I've heard in a long time. I mean the bile is rising to the top of my throat and I still feel like ripping apart a mosh pit with my hands and teeth. These guys have a pace that can't be beat, a rhythm that thumps like adrenaline, and a gory necro-gangsta style that makes me want to recognize them with two middle fingers sky high. I haven't heard from these guys in a few years. Man, am I glad that they sent this steamy pile to me in the mail. It is totally whipping my ass. You want to hear the most intense thing on the market today? Pick up a copy of "Rot, Crumble, Collapse" and get ready for the doo-doo to hit the fan. More gristly than Cannibal Corpse and 100% more entertaining.

Treats From The Underground September 2005:
This is the new & improved CARRION CRAWLER, back on the scene. These guys have been demolishing the scene since the mid 90's with their blend of Grindcore, Noize & Death metal music. These guys are crazy. Their music is very spastic sounding which you find in Grindcore & Noize blended with heavy brutality that you would get from Death Metal. I loved this band then & I love them now. The vocals are very harsh Grindcore screams & low end Death gurggles. These guys remind me of a Death/Grind version of the band DEATH CORE. This is a must for fans of this style!

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Label: Rawker Records | Item Code: RR 011 CD | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Grind

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