Carpathian Forest - Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods

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Carpathian Forest-Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods This is a limited edition double 7 inch release, in a very nice double sleeve...

Track one is entitled, appropriately enough, "Carpathian Forest", and starts things off on a good foot with its pounding drums and (un)godly Hellhammer styled riffing. Nattefrost's vocals here are raw, but not too screechy, reminding me a bit of Dimmu Borgir's. A couple of the riffs in this song seem kind of Mayhem-inspired, but they never get very fast. In fact, ALL of Carpathian Forest's music is basically mid-tempo. You'll also notice some synths here, but they're certainly not over-used.

The second song is called "The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shores", and sounds heavily like old Destruction, which is obviously a good thing! It's quite short, though..

Track number three, entitled "The eclipse / the Raven" (which was also on their previously mentioned "Demo '93"), is where you'll first experience CF's atmospheric side. It's a long, melancholy hymn composed entirely of synths, acoustic guitar, and fretless bass. Here the vocals are very much in the background as they croak out a few verses of Poe's immortal masterpiece. Now on to track four, "When thousand moon have circled" (no, their English isn't too great..), which immediately crushes you with more of the raw, Hellhammering evilness that you surely crave! This is a very strong track that also features some modern black metal riffing with synths that remind one of Emperor. The only problem is that it's WAY too short. I think they could have done alot more with this song...

Last (but certainly not least) is another "Demo '93" tune, "Journey through the cold moors of Svarttjern". This one is EXTREMELY atmospheric, with shrieking, Burzum-esque vocals throughout. The synths really dominate here, as the guitar is quite low. It's really just one simple riff played over and over, but the powerfull drums and strumming acoustic guitars don't allow it to become boring. Actually, the whole thing sounds alot more like "Viking metal" than black metal, I suppose..

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Label: Perverted Taste | Item Code: PT 075 | Country: Norway | Year: 2003 | Genre: Black Metal

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