Carpathian Forest - Fuck You All!

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Carpathian Forest-Fuck You All!
Carpathian Forest has always been a band to go out and shock everyone. From cross dressing on stage to bare nude bass playing, Carpathian Forest has never let their crowd down. With their release of their fifth studio album appropriatly titled, Fuck You All!!, Carpathian Forest return to show their fans they have not gone anywhere and shout to everywhere who doesn't appreicate their music...fuck you all!!

Something that has kept the Carpathian Forest sound intact is the rock and roll aspect that Nattefrost and crew infuse in every album. Carpathian Forest were the first band to do this and do it well also. Influencing other certain Norwegians to try it also. On tracks like the opening track and "Everyday I must Suffer.." the rocking guitars of Nattefrost and Tchort can be heard blaring away great black and roll anthems. I don't want to seem like a hypocrite saying that. I believe that Carpathian Forest since their beginning days have played this style of black metal great. Unlike bands like Satyricon who play it but with no emotion in my opinion. Carpathian have kept the darkened aspect of black metal in their music and have never let down on that.

Brutality comes in great doses on this album. Korbo shows no signs of slowing down while he is behind his kit. Keeping perfect pace with the guitars and giving an extra kick to the albums songs. Nattefrost's vocals have not let down at all. Giving his usual yells and deep grunts like his previous work with CF and his solo work. On songs like "Start up the Incinerator" one lone riff keeps the song strong and in your face with Korbo changing the drum pattern for great headbanging action.

Ok well as I said, Carpathian Forest love to shock people and their cover art is in vein with that. Nattefrost did this beautiful piece of art himself. Among the various items in this piece are bettles, owls, and one erect penis that you catch right away while viewing it. The lyrics are very akin with the cover art. With songs titles like "Submit To Satan" and "Shut Up, There is no excuse to Live..", Carpathian Forest have continued down their misanthropic path, hating everyone in sight.

Standout tracks have to be "Start up the Incinerator" and "Shut Up, There is no Excuse to live" which has a very punky vibe to the song. Great song overall.

A solid release and proof that Carpathian Forest have continued down their path of morbid, sick demented black metal. -Metal Coven

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Label: Season of Mist | Item Code: SOM 114 | Country: Norway | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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