Candiru - Unreleased and Dug Out

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Candiru-Unreleased and Dug Out
Canadian digital hardcore label D-TRASH Records is pleased to bring the release of CANDIRU's "Unreleased And Dug Out", a full length CD of demo material from the defunct industrial grindcore project who first hit the scene with their "Unloved And Weeded Out" disc on Relapse Record's "Release Records" sub-label.

The story goes that when SCHIZOID completed "Covered In Metal" last year, he contacted some bands that there were covers of, one of them being CANDIRU and their track "Poison Mouth". CANDIRU's Pat McCahan was so impressed with the cover that he offered D-TRASH a disc full of material, long since forgotten and buried in a closet somewhere after the demise of CANDIRU.

CANDIRU had long been a classic favorite at D-TRASH HQ for their mindblowing and influential sounds in the early 1990's. Now, this lost chapter in the great industrial grindcore scene, the demos for what would have been CANDIRU's 2nd full length CD is available for order, or for full MP3 download through the D-TRASH site. Gems like "Subjugation" and "Crystallized" are a reminder of those days of great meshing of the classic industrial experimental sound, with more heavy grindcore-rock elements. Also included on this CD is a bonus 2004 remix of "Crystallized" and full color insert by SCHIZOID."

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Label: D-Trash | Item Code: DTRASH 55 | Country: United States | Year: 2004 | Genre: Industrial Metal

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