Callisto - True Nature Unfolds

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Callisto-True Nature Unfolds What do I to call this? Do I have to follow the lead that I simply can not put this in a "tight as a baby's butt" genre? Grind core is not broad enough! It does go hard in moments, it speeds up to a velocity typical of grind, but it's as varied as a woman's wits. Because the hypnotic, hallucinating slow passages that make you travel in your mind with a smile, do make you think differently. The mix of emotions are so damn varied here that I cannot call one stream of music. Produced by Mieszko Talarcyk in his own Soundlab studio makes you think grindcore again. But you get proved wrong each time you think that! They are just as varied as their artwork even! Strong production completes this small masterpiece! Neurosis like? Yes but it shows not the enough credit to this debut of these Fins, what they rightfully deserve with this beautiful release. And I know beautiful is not objective but it does cover the load. Definitely the discovery of the month. - Erik

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Label: Fullsteam Records | Item Code: FS-017 | Country: Finland | Year: 2004 | Genre: Grind

Price: $ 3.88  | Buy It Now!
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