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Cadaveric Crematorium-Serial Grinder The Spew Records is an enigmatic label to me. They lay low for a while, and they never release too many albums, but every few months, a new disc hits my mailbox with their address on the package and I'm always blown away by it. Then it's back into hiding they go for a few more months until they find the next great extreme artist.

Such is the case with Cadaveric Crematorium. Goregrind has never been a favorite genre of mine. The bands either have no ingenuity, or they place a stronger focus on comedy than on their music. Whatever the case, I find it hard to take this genre as serious as other forms of metal. But this is not the case with Cadaveric Crematorium. Even upon initial listens, it's obvious that they take their music seriously. First off, their songs aren't your typical one-minute-and-done tracks of random riffage. These could almost be considered ballads by goregrind standards, at about three minutes per track. There's a heavy dose of Carcass and Exhumed, with that slight hint of melody piercing through this band's otherwise caustic exterior. The vocals range from toilet bowl gutturals through fiery, tortured screams. And the music is very well-written and performed. They took their time writing this stuff.

That said, they haven't forgone the comedic side of this genre completely. "Pastor Of Muppets", and an operatic bridge in "Family Vivisection" should pull out a few laughs from goregrind fans worldwide. Still, they choose the time and place for this more wisely than other bands so it's tasteful and they don't get mired in their own sense of humor.

Musically, this album is precise like a surgical strike. The drums are tight as hell, and the guitarists are also inventive and cohesive. The production is very big. When these songs get going, you can really feel them melt your face off. I can't stand when a band with some great chops gets screwed by thin production. Not the case here.

Goregrind fans won't find anything wrong with Cadaveric Crematorium. Even metalheads who have their reservations with the genre, like myself, can appreciate this group's inate songwriting ability. This is pretty brutal stuff.

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Label: The Spew | Item Code: TS 13 | Country: Italy | Year: 2005 | Genre: Grind

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