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Cachtice-Infernal Bloodlust This album was recorded after only two rehearsals, which makes it very spontaneous and surprising. I bet you a grote, you've never heard some of the things Necropounder performs on the kit. Wild, unbound and totally out of control, just like the rest of the music. We were very pleased with the outcome of this album and could not have hoped for a better result (specially considering the amount of practice). There are all kinds of songs on this album. "Journey Through Wallachia" is an instrumental track; "Angela´s Fate" is raw powerful with Black Metal influences, whereas "The Legend of Snagov" is somewhat slower and more harmonic.

Metal Maniac and Panzer Reidar met for the first time in early 1999. They immediately became close friends and due to unfortunate/fortunate events Maniac was forced to move in with Panzer. Panzer´s other band he played with had all different styles in Metal. Wyvern where he plays guitar aim for straight forward powerful Heavy Metal whereas Fist First is more into Metal in the 80:s vein. The last band he plays with is called Diversion and they are a more technical band with progressive influences. So, what was missing? THRASH... of course. Maniac hadn't played for years but was really into starting a band and so the idea was born and a few month later (after Maniac finally got his stuff together and started writing lyrics the band was on the way. A few weeks later a new drummer joined the band. He plays guitar under a different name in one of Panzer's other bands, namely Fist First. In Cachtice he goes by the name of Necropounder.

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Label: MetalFist | Item Code: Various | Country: Sweden | Year: 2002 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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