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Breakpoint-None To Sell Breakpoint is a young band from Dijon [France] that belongs to the Señor Limpio posse. Since 1994 these five guys wander around concert rooms with famous French bands such as Watcha, Tripod and Artsonic... and yet here we do not have one more nu metal or hardcore band [so usual in France that I saturate...], as Breakpoint chose a more standard direction. Yes, with Breakpoint we have the impression to come back to the early 90's, and it's realy good!!! Here it's a power thrash sound that reminds us of good times, the times of the great Metallica or Anthrax... And yet be careful because this is not just a clone, because Breakpoint has been able to find its own style, more modern, alternating between thrash, groovy or even hardcore tunes, with jumping or aggressive [depends of the mood of the band] rhythms.
After a demo released in 1998, None To Sell their first album is released in 2002 with avery good production by Fred Rochette, nothing to say about that...
The riffs are powerful [Seb and Mathieu the two guitar players are perfect and master what they have to do], the tracks are catchy and on the whole, it is very offensive. Add a drummer [Steph] and a bass player [Tom] who are also good and you got songs of very good quallity. And the vocals? There is nothing to criticize once more: Pierrot is a very good singer and his catchy voice [a bit like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam] perfectly fits in the band's style.

In a nutshell, Breakpoint is very good stuff and it changes compared to the nu metal clones that spread everywhere in France and really start pissing us off. Here we have 'true' metal, with true musicians who for once did not hesitate to play their own music without any care for the current trend.
Yes Breakpoint is a very good band that goes directly to the first rank of the French young metal bands. Watch for them [the best is still to come] because you will probably hear about them more and more.

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Label: United Musics Company | Item Code: SL 661 | Country: France | Year: 2002 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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