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Bomberos / Inbreeding Sick-Fire Station By the Cemetry Bomberos tracks include re-recorded and re-titled versions of five old demo-tracks plus several new songs.

Although not mentioned in the credits, the two sound-engineers "Hermanos Maranos" participated as backing vocalists on the record.

"Bloody Vomit" originally recorded by Dismembered Fetus.
"There Is No God" originally recorded by the Meat Shits.
"Shitlist" originally recorded by L7.
"Anal Intelligence Apartheid" originally recorded by Sore Throat.

The booklet also cites a Renato Carosone cover. This is a joke: no such cover appears on the record.


Inbreeding Sick tracks are the same as on their "The Impaler" demo, all re-recorded as a two-piece with a drum machine.

"Devoured Alive" originally recorded by Mortician.

Bomberos are:
Ortega la Fega Cipolleira - guitarsonist, gattophone and coconut-stomp programming
Emiliano Zappala hijo de Cana - paperboy, answer machine and hedgehog bowling
Rinaldinho do Nascimento in Vernel - basshole, potato-chopper and Wurstel flame-thrower

Inbreeding Sick are:
Harol - guitar, drums and programming
Rolando - bass, vocals, drums and programming

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Label: Despise the Sun | Item Code: Various | Country: Itay / Colombia | Year: 2006 | Genre: Grind

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