Bloodthorn - Under The Reign of Terror CD Review

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2002-08-25 : HIDDEN THRONE : Link
I don't have much infos about this band but I can say that this is one of best releases I got recently. Raw death metal with some black influences. Everything sound so powerful and strait to your ears all the way. Maybe the production could be better, but it is not up to band I guess. Vocals are variable, between raw screaming black and deep death growls. There are few very nice guitar solos in vein of James Murphy, especially on third track "Demonblood". Every rhythm is placed right where it should be, and it is shining with power, anger and brutality. Second track "The return of wrath" is made only for headbanging, nothing else. Really powerful rhythm, with almost non stop double bass kicks. This is the best song on CD. You can fell that these guys are pass old death metal school, with highest grades. But to have a clear bill with black metalers there is a closing track. It is a cover song of legendary Mayhem, Deathcrush. this CD is a must have for all who are truly, without compromise, into the genre. Extreme metal.
2002-08-04 : battlewebzine : Link
Bloodthorn was created in '92, initially a one-man project of Tom (after leaving Manes), after a while Krell came in and together they recorded a demo. Two albums were released with varying line ups, and in the half a year following "Onwards" they kicked out four of the seven members. Now they are signed with Red Stream.

Knowed as a symphonic Black Metal band, Bloodthorn is back, without keyboards or female vocals present in previous albums, now they are in "warfare" conception. The music is brutal, Death Metal oriented, (influences from last Emperor/ Mayhem albums), The new tracks are really killers... with shriek & guttural vocals and impressing razoring riffs and unmercifull drums. Prepare for Attack!!!

As guest musician in this album are Siw Maja -synth and Necrobutcher (Mayhem) playing bass on "Deathcrush". The cover was painted by JP Fournier (Immortal's "At the Heart of Winter"). During the years Bloodthorn release: "Natteskyggen" DT/'96, In The Shadow Of Your Black Wings CD/1997, War Vol. I, a split with ...And Oceans CD/1998, Onward into Battle CD/1999.
2002-08-04 : corridorofcells : Link
Reasonably well done blend of black and death metal. Powered by a good strong sound and a strong desire for extremity, Bloodthorn deliver a mix of blasting drums, both growling and screaming vocals, as well as an interesting guitar-playing style, oscillating somewhere between the rawness of BM and the more melodic approach of some European death metal bands. The end result is still highly brutal, yet varied enough to keep the listener interested. Basically, it delivers a lot of the vicious nastiness of BM coupled with heaviness more akin to a death band and it's a combination that works quite well.
2002-08-04 : BlackMetalWeb : Link
Bloodthorn made the change from Seasons of Mist to Red Stream, and the result is "Under The Reign Of Terror." This is certainly an aggressive album - intellectual aggression, refusing to just record ultra fast they stick with you and build up the power and anger around you. Making the experience at times quite claustrophobic.
Tracks such as "Mass Destruction" and "The Return of Wrath" demonstrate how this works - by placing the importance of hard-hitting ferocity over an all-out speed recording. And it works very well. There is also a cover of Mayhem's "Deathcrush" to conclude, with Necrobutcher on bass! This is, arguably, the most aggressive album of Bloodthorn's career and allows us to take a good look at how the death metal influenced sound and slower paced black metal can be just as brutal, if not more, than the blast beats that are so popular as of late.

Highlights: The Return of Wrath, Mass Destruction.
2002-08-04 : GrandBonum : Link
When I first saw this CD, I wasn´t sure what to think of it. The bandname and the title of the album, "Under the Reign of Terror", promised ,first of all, lots of cliché. Most CD´s of this sort aren´t worth the effort of listening to them. However, I´m glad to say my assumption was wrong. Bloodthorn from Norway may not have reinvented the Death Metal genre, but they certainly kick ass! The eight songs on this album range from midtempo stompers like Fields of Blood to uptempo grenades (Demonblood, After the Attack) that blow your brain out. The bandinfos calls this music Black/Death, though there isn´t very much Black Metal on this album. Guess it´s because they´re Norwegian. However, you won´t miss any aggressiveness and blast beats on "Under the Reign of Terror", I assure you. The album has lots of both. Another nice aspect of this CD is the cover version of Deathcrush from Mayhem, featuring Necrobutcher as guest musician. Mayhem have always been one of the sickest bands around and the Bloodthorn version of this classic is as strong as the original! This album is certainly worth its money, so if you´re into this music, don´t let the strange cover irritate you: You´ll like it!
2002-07-31 : hatenumber6
where i miss the woman, foreground keys and unicorn killing of In the Shadow of Your Black Wings i get instead a crushing return to war metal rooted in their homeland tradition blending mid-tempo amidst the blasthrash. in fact, though the last song covers Mayhem's Deathcrush, they gallop more comfortably longside new Immortal and the metal of Carpathian Forest. make no mistake, Bloodthorn is not only harsh, especially the harmonized, processed vocals, but they're as painfully heavy and dark as their obsession with the Tower from the infamous trilogy.