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Blood Ritual-Black Grimoire Picture LP limited to 500 only. The enigmatic BLOOD RITUAL is an obvious, illuminating exception to this rule. With Acheron now out of the Church of Satan, technically, Blood Ritual is the only true Church of Satan band in the metal scene although never being "officially" sanctioned by the Church. But this link underlines the powers mainman Tim Bishop is drawing from: self-willed Satanic might to transcend the earthen and fleshy, kabbalistic mysticism employed for music death metal, in this case to well and fully reach the Beyond.

Such is the sound of BLOOD RITUAL's second and long-anticipated album, Black Grimoire. Nearly a decade in the waiting/making and each instrument recorded entirely by Bishop, Black Grimoire is the sound of death metal going beyond the physical, even beyond the supernatural. Sepulchral vocals bellow like the maw of Hell, the sound of a thousand souls damned for eternity. Down tuned riffs alternately race and rewind, the cauldron-thick speed harnessing the powers of chaos while the time-halting doom thunder eerily squirms not unlike the Great Serpent Ouroboros forever eating its tail. And Bishop's guitar leads are nothing short of sublime: furies of splattering disorientation soon gracefully right themselves into melodious requiems that will haunt the subconscious for eternity, looming malevolently above the swirling maelstrom. In short, Black Grimoire is an experience.

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Label: Moribund | Item Code: Various | Country: United States | Year: 2005 | Genre: Black Metal

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