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Blackthru-Is Tamsos... "Triangle of Art" is a one-man atmospheric black metal band from Lithuania, established by Justas Balsevicius. At first, the project was called "Blackthru", but after finishing and releasing his first album, new ideas came into Justas' mind and his life turned back to the darkside. This lead to creating new songs in a different way than in the past. Consequently, project's name was changed into "Triangle of Art". The bands that have influenced music, created by Justas, are: Gehenna, Lunar Aurora, Selvhat, Nargaroth, Drudkh and Shining. Justas Balsevicius was born in 1988-10-22, in the city of Klaipeda, Lithuania but most of his life he has lived in the town of Gargždai. Justas was first interested in heavy music when he was 6 or 7. The first bands where cult-bands like AC/DC and Deep purple. However, after a while he became a black metal fan. He dedicated most of his time to this genre of metal. Due to his interest in black metal, Justas became interested in occultism. In 2004, his life turned into the darkside, by getting into the occult slough. Through distress and misery, he got out of this occult slough. He was even on the edge of suicide. This event has left a big scar in his soul. Amateur art helped him to get out of this slough. The new hobby helped him to spill out and reveal his feelings. By the way, this made his life worth living. In 2005, the year of creation, an idea to release an album was born. In autumn, recordings of the first album were started, but because of poor quality and Justas' own problems, it was not released. In the winter of 2005/2006, the first album was finally completed at Justas' own home record studio. Thus, with this album, entitled "Iš tamsos…", the procject "Blackthru" was born. In September of 2006 Justas turned back to the occult life, and full of inspiration, he started to create his second album. All new records will be under the name of "Triangle of Art". Dark life will always let Justas keep black metal alive.

Blackthru has changed it's name to Triangle of art.

Finally, after releasing of first official album on Candarian Demon Productions, I want to announce, what I had to do some time before, that the bands name has changed to "Triangle of art". Blackthru was just old nickname, which had nothing similar to bands music. Also some changes were made in musical compositions. The change was only made after the releasing of album "Iš tamsos..." because of problems with it during release period. Now, when the album is finally released, I want to announce, that from now on, all new creation will be under the name of Triangle of Art.

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Label: Candarian Demon | Item Code: SLAIN 002 | Country: Lithuania | Year: 2007 | Genre: Black Metal

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