Black Funeral - Vampyr - Throne of the Beast

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Black Funeral-Vampyr - Throne of the Beast Deluxe digi-pak reissue on Drakkar including five brand-new bonus tracks dating from 2004!

Barbaric Black Metal, most likely made up on the spot... seeks no fans yet finds them. "We are the incarnation of the Red Dragon, Tiamat of Coven Nachttoter (The Black Order of the Dragon). Black Funeral is a medium of Will-To-Power strength, a demonic manifestation of the Werewolf. In the musical spectrum, Black Funeral can be described as fast, grim and cold black metal, mixed with a balance of macabre and haunting keyboards and passages filled with the atmosphere of grey and sinister castles, tombs and caves. Evoked under a funeral moon, Black Funeral is energy centered on the balance points of the Vampyre-Varcolaci pentagram. From the dark portals of the cosmos incarnates a violent and misanthropic path of Kali, causing and lusting for death. The Werewolf called and upon the star of Abraxas rises the lord of the Forest. When the crescent moon falls, the macabre spirits of the night rise, Varcolaci and ghosts haunt the east and stars. Black Funeral belongs to the shadowside... haunting forever beyond the abyss. Led by the sorcerer, Baron Drakkheim Abaddon, Lord of shadows who dwells in essence within the land of phantoms...Black Funeral is the incarnation of dreadful power. Within the horde, Darkat, the vampyric succubus weaves webs of damnation... The first release was "Journey's Into Horizons Lost" '94 and '95 brought the raw and destructive "Vampyr- Throne of the Beast". The year of 1997 brings "Empire of Blood", the return of the shadow demons. Nekromantic Productions is the control base of Black Funeral, while FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS releases all of the albums. Those interested in Vampyrism, Magick and the shadowside may contact Nekromantic Productions."

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Label: Drakkar | Item Code: DK 037 CD | Country: United States | Year: 1995 | Genre: Black Metal

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