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Bishop of Hexen-The Nightmarish Compositions Roel: For many their debut album 'Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy' has become some sort of a cult-classic. After this all things went quiet on the Bishop Of Hexen front. So nine years have passed since 'Archives…' and now quite surprisingly a new album has arrived: 'The Nightmarish Compositions'.

Although still relying heavily on keyboard curtains for melody and structure, Bishop Of Hexen isn't rehashing old stuff. They opted for a more horror/symphonic approach with wide vocals ranges from growls to screams and quite a lot of clean theatrical singing. What it offers in terms of atmosphere it lacks in pure aggression. A minor set back though, as the music is good anyway. Imagine Arcturus' 'La Masquerade Infernale' with some "post black" like Sirius and hints of Cradle Of Filth and you get the general idea. Whether this is something to look forward to is entirely op to you. I for one think this is a decent comeback.

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Label: CCP Records | Item Code: CCP 100266 | Country: Israel | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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