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Birdflesh-Night of the Ultimate Mosh I give this full marks! Birdflesh delivers in all departments, it's great grindcore with amazing chemistry, mind-blowing grindcore song-writing, the exact right amount of thrashing metal influences, raging roars, wacky screams, a few excellent pitch-shifted backing growls, the adequate sound production (powerful and clear but avoiding to fall in the 'unbearably heavy' category). The band has a weird sense of humor that's not for everybody, but Birdflesh is about the only band that actually makes me laugh, many bands try to be funny but most of the time they're just not. Also, most bands with humor as a main theme are often into hard-to-listen noise-grind. Birdflesh might be weird and fun, but their grindcore is well-structured and it totally kicks ass. There's a bit of Macabre (without the boring technical aspect), a bit of Repulsion/old Napalm Death-kinda riffs, a bit of that good old crusty swedish sound and the same striking energy SxOxB used to have on "Leave Me Alone" & "What's the Truth?" (Personal favorites!). You have 22 tracks in 27 minutes of infallibly catchy and fast grindcore, hysterically funny lyrics, wonderful cheesy artwork and much much more... A masterpiece from start to finish. Some people are probably gonna be put off by the humor, but personally I'd rather listen to bands that don't take themselves so fucking seriously, and I think Birdflesh is just the best and freshest grindcore band around these days, end of the line. - Braindead Webzine

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Label: Razorback | Item Code: RR 13 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2002 | Genre: Grind

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