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Beyond Fatal-The Demon Eulogy
In the small village of State Line, PA not far from the once great divide of what was the northern and southern states of Pennsylvania and Maryland grew two friends. Adam Reed and Mike Pribble. The former the third son of a devout preacher and his wife, the latter the second son and third child of a school teacher and a manager at a trucking company. This friendship went as many do and took a hellbent turn in 1998.

From within the cover of secrecy and the heat from hell's own flames the two friends played. Adam the drums, and Mike the guitar. From the depths of Adam's attic grew the beginnings of something heavy and metallic, bone crushing. The two then moved to the ice cold arctic of Mike's basement where they went from the foolings of songs like 'Grinder' to 'Matando Gueros' and finally their own original work, later to be christened 'Self-Genocide.'

The picture was beginning to widen and brighten, as the two became three, and added long time friend Matt Glaser to the scene, who offered not only skull crunching vocals, but equally life threatening lyrics and song writing ability. The trio was missing only one element, the element of heart implosion which is the bass.

Once again they looked to a long time friend, Jason Vrboncic, who was forcefully persuaded to buy, and learn the instrument, then not only join the band but be the collective punching bag and punch line to all anal insults.
With the line-up set in early 1999, and schedule to practice every Friday, the four needed a name, and name that fit and did not limit whatever sound might come from it. From leafing through dictionaries, countless suggestions, and a few failed attempts, there came a name that kept creeping above the surface, it was Beyond Fatal. Taken from the most brutal of video games in which evil is a resident, applied to a band that could assume the same description.
They had a name, they had songs, and yes, they had shows 'mini-shows,' shows in which Mike's basement would be filled to the brim with head banging 'fatalites' begging for more each and every week; and the numbers grew.
The band feeling they should feed the crowds, recorded a 5 song demo entitled 'Demo.' 'Demo' included the ever sought after, Aberration, the outcry of Enslaved by the Faith, the melodic crunch of Sentimental Scars of Yesterday, and the oldest and first song that was Self-Genocide. The 43 copies of 'Demo' were ravenously eaten up by those who needed more BF than they could get, and finally on June 10, 2000 the band played their first show out.
Oddly enough it was a Christian battle of the bands in Shippensburg, PA, and the band was able to play three songs before their devil music was silenced. And yes, "Jesus will save you Beyond Fatal" or at least they hope.
Armed with a drive to make every subsequent show more successful than the first the band decided to hit the studio. Under the chain smoking supervision of Steve Pheil, the roof of Stable Studios, and the frozen blanket of the January 2001 weather they recorded their first and most elusive "Symphony of Dying Cries," released a month later. A self released album, self printed merchandise, and self supported yearn for the bigger and better they continued to play shows and write a darker and heavier double edged sword.
Guitars, lower. Drums, intense. Lyrics, Philosophic. Songs, stronger.

The first enveloped in these changes was a tune by the name Descension of Silence, which scourged the road to other vein explosions such as Persona and the apocalyptic Mark of the Beast. These and other skin rotting tracks are found on none other than the second chapter in BF's record history know as Sanctuary in Misery. This pterodactylic album was laid down with Steve Carr behind the wheel at Hit and Run studios in December 2001, and officially released on the appropriate label of Bloodsoaked Records.
This gave BF the underground following all over the world from South Africa to South America and back to the states. They received killer reviews from countless webzines and metalzines, but this is not the climax.
Shortly after the recording of Sanctuary the band added another bald and vital organ to the BF body, Jeff Bowers. His weapon of choice, second guitar, which promised to thicken the sound and clog most arteries. The once fan was now an indispensable force.

While this force was being added there was a section that was losing grip and reaching for a different stronghold. Jason, would put down his bass for a life in the Air Force. Immediately, so as to not interrupt the insane momentum of this metal machine, they began the search for a replacement for the first original member to turn off his amp on Beyond Fatal for good. What they found was a sludge stomping, metal chewing Dave Morgan. They functioned as a 6 piece until Jason was phased out and Dave phased in. Jason left in 2003 and the machine was a 5 piece, and they decided chapter three needed to be constructed.
The first recording session for chapter 3 took place at Hit and Run Studios once again, with all member present and the work continues. The Demon Eulogy is the strongest and most mature material to date. It notes a huge turn in ability and song-writing, nothing could stop this beast from becoming the master of all things metal that BF has to offer to date. Nothing save the enlistment of the vocal soul into the army in January 2004.

Early 2004 was a throat slitting time for the band as they looked for a new singer and wondered when their album will be completed, they had no one for live shows and the momentum was at a frustrating halt. It seems no one can fill the mic quite like Matt. Morale slumped, but there was a resounding hope. That hope was the sound of a phone that held on the other line the voice of Beyond Fatal. Matt was coming back. He was coming back with a vengeance and a screaming inside of him that is rebounding the lost momentum and morale.
Expect the Demon Eulogy, expect to feel the fury, expect to bang your head.

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Label: Forever Underground | Item Code: FU 022 | Country: Untied Stated | Year: 2006 | Genre: Death Metal

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