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Beyond Dawn-Revelry (used) Norway has spawned some of the most unique, not to mention strange, bands in recent years and Beyond Dawn is certainly one such band who unquestionably possess a musical vision like no other. Their severly morose debut, 1995's Pity Love, flirted with the usage of brass instrumentation and avante garde structures, both of which have blossmed far beyond the realms of flirtation on the band's second full length, Revelry.

To label Beyond Dawn's sound as Gothic Metal would be misleading as it would most likely bring Theatre Of Tragedy and the like to mind, which Beyond Dawn is far removed. They do posess a strong Gothic essence, but its not Romantic or Tragic Goth. It's more to do with the vocals of guitarist Espen Ingierd, who sounds not unlike Michael Gira of Swans fame, or a less impotent Robert Smith of The Cure. Also, the guitar work has that distant resonating feel that defines the sound of most gothic music. The melancholic mood has less to do with tragic loss and more to do with lonliness, isolation, and introspective themes of emotional and mental disturbance. Indeed, the lyrics to these compositions are very introspective, yet written in an unorthodox manner causing one to really dwell on what is being said.


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Label: Misanthropy | Item Code: AMAZON 014 | Country: Norway | Year: 1998 | Genre: Rock

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