Bewitched - Rise of the Antichrist

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Bewitched-Rise of the Antichrist If ever there was an album that would instantly make you bang your head and keep your hands in the 'horns' position... this is it!!! Tearing a page out of old school history when bands like Venom, Mercyful Fate, Sodom and Destruction ruled supreme, these twisted Swedes demonstrate how 'retro' is done. Featuring members of Naglfar, Setherial and Ancient Wisdom these leather clad metal warriors would indeed be the 'house band' in the pits of hell... and to quote the very dead Bon Scott: "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be!!!!" Chock full of powerful guitar riffs, crushing production and of course very memorable songs, this fourth assault from Bewitched makes me feel like a poser for not owning any other releases from the band. A great mid-paced Black/Thrash album that is extremely enjoyable even after repeated listens, I have no problem recommending this cd to everyone on the planet that enjoys the soothing sounds of virgins being sacrificed at the altar. The bio sates that Bewitched are in fact 'The Devils All Time Favorite Band'... who's to argue??? This cd is very addicting, almost to the point that I wonder if it isn't part of a grand, evil scheme to convert innocent people to the ways of Lucifer. Get your asbestos suits kiddies, Bewitched is throwing a party and it's going to be one hell of a good time!!!

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Label: Osmose | Item Code: OP CD 104 | Country: Sweden | Year: 2002 | Genre: Thrash Metal

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