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Bestial Holocuast-Temple of Damnation Bonebreaking black thrashing madness from the Bolivian pits of hell. "Temple of Damnation" is their highly anticipated second album and totally crushes their debut offering with much more haunting and hasher audio violence backed by witchburning shrieks of sacrifice. Fanatics of the South American spirit and bestial slaying black thrash must join the alcoholocaust!

"BESTIAL HOLOCAUST are back with a new full-length attack! As some of you might remember, their first album was already featured in our _®Satan__s Favorites__-section. The reason why we again can find this band in this section is very simple: quality. BESTIAL HOLOCAUST don__t offer anything completely new, nor any _®progressive__ elements and in fact music this music doesn__t need any gayish shit like that. The Bolivians didn__t copy their first album but they kept their style and traditions and improved them. The production has more power but still isn__t clean or nice, fast and aggressive music, pretty much in the vein of old South American heroes, connected with a fierce production, sharp like a knife and ready to cut you in pieces. The structures of the songs are again what I call intensive and diversified, no plain hammering or mediocre Black Metal shit: BESTIAL HOLOCAUST are able to compose real hymns with riffs that go into your ear, motivate you to bang your head like in a hurricane, open some bottles of Whiskey andraising hell on earth. But to say it clearly: The whole work again is thrilling, with a lot of movements, dynamics featured in many different parts, sometimes melodic then fast and aggressive again or even rocking like hell. Through the improved production the album became even more _®perfect__ than before, you can hear every instrument very well and especially the pounding bass-guitar is quite characteristic and gives some kind of special feeling to the songs... And then are the vocals of this female demon called Sonja. Fuck, this girl is killing me; her screams are loud and bestial like the whole band itself, varied and extreme like warcries that are roaring from the very depths of fucking hell! The Spanish language fits to the songs very well, like before but this time we have an English hymn as well. Though, I hope that the band will always keep most of their songs in Spanish language, this language suits very well to aggressive music. Well, now it is enough of my sweet-talk here. Until now I only have a pre-promo on a CD-R but when the zine is out the album should be available as well... and you gotta buy it, without doubt!"

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Label: Crush Until Madness | Item Code: Various | Country: Bolivia | Year: 2011 | Genre: Black Metal

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