Benighted Leams - Obombrid Welkins (used)

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Benighted Leams-Obombrid Welkins (used) "Fourth album. While 'Ferly Centesms' was densely-packed with tortuous, dissonant, icy riffing, exploring the psychopathological recesses of sick, depressive, sarcastic Black Metal, 'Obombrid Welkins' has a deeper, heavier sound and longer tracks, mixing a more melodic approach with hypnotic, nostalgic atmospheres, chugging rhythmic sections, and panicked dissonances. There are some innovations: firstly, a different lyrical approach (almost all the lyrics have been written by Wulfhild, and deal with twisted phobias, like fear of heavy objects causing floors to collapse, pathophobia, alopaecia, and so forth); secondly influences from readings of Dr. William Luther Pierce and Prof. Kevin MacDonald, aesthetised in arcane, mythologising ways."

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Label: Supernal Music | Item Code: Various | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2006 | Genre: Black Metal

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